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We offer a wide range of high quality English tutoring for primary, secondary, and adult students.

World-Class English Tutoring at Pear Wasp

I have taught English at secondary level for fourteen years and during that time I have had a number of varying roles and responsibilities. I qualified from Durham University in 2006 and began my journey as an English teacher. I taught both KS3 and KS4 English and was then promoted to primary literacy coordinator working with, our feeder school’s, Y6 pupils.

My most recent qualification through Sunderland University has been the NASENCo award. It has allowed me to understand some of the barriers in learning that our SEND pupils face and put in place sufficient strategies to ensure they make good progress. It is now time to turn the page to the next chapter and start my tutoring journey!

Why Choose Pear Wasp English Tutoring?
  • Proven results at GCSE 87% of a year group gaining A+ to C grades.

  • Building confidence and embedding a growth mindset.

  • Teaching all levels of ability.

  • Specialist SEND teaching.

  • Increasing confidence to make excellent progress.

  • Passion and enthusiasm.

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Pear Wasp English Tutoring is devoted to excellence in teaching English and developing students of all ages in the global standards of the English discipline.


I would highly recommend Pear Wasp English Tutoring. My son has been getting help with his English now for a few weeks and the difference has been astonishing. I went to his parents evening a few months ago and they all said he struggles to get things down on paper. Recently, I went back to his parents evening all the teachers said they cannot believe the difference in his work and confidence. I cannot thank pear wasp enough. So if your child is struggling I would not hesitate to contact pear wasp for help as she has helped my son not just in English but all his subjects.

Di Cambridge, Hartlepool
Brilliant tutor! She has given my son so much more confidence and knowledge for his
English Literature exams. Thank you so much!
Kirsten Hartlepool
Most knowledgeable person! Cares about her students and wants them to get the best
possible grades. Would highly recommend!
Lottie Hartlepool
What can I say about this lady, this is how far my Granddaughter has improved in only 6
weeks, but most of all her confidence has grown too thanks to Pearwasp tutoring. I would
recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tutor!
Denise Hartlepool
Helped me come a long way! I started off really nervous and not confident in the slightest with my English. The day we met, I could only write a line, I couldn’t even even write a sentence! 6 weeks later, I did a mock exam and was able to answer, in detail, every question. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s taught me. She’s taught me much more than I learnt at school and I’m much more confident.
Louise Hartlepool