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Services I Offer

We offer a wide range of high quality English tutoring for primary, secondary, and adult students.
English Tutoring
For Primary & Secondary Pupils

Bespoke lessons taught to ensure your child makes significant progress. Children are often embarrassed by giving a wrong answer in class and are therefore reluctant to express their thoughts and opinions in a whole class setting. I will raise your child’s confidence by incorporating a growth mindset and teach them that mistakes are good; we all learn and progress by making mistakes.

Adult English Lessons
For Adults

Intermediate, beginner or advanced? I can plan and teach effective approaches to speaking, reading and writing to suit whatever level of proficiency you are, ensuring you make excellent progress in your journey to become competent and then fluent in English.

Function English Skills
Functional English Skills
For Apprentices and Adults

If you are an employer looking for your apprentices to gain an English qualification then I can offer Functional skills lessons. Whether it is intermediate, level one or level 2, I can plan and deliver lessons for all levels and abilities. Please get in touch for further details.

For Primary & Secondary Pupils

If you have made the decision to homeschool your child and require any English tutoring, advice or support then please get in touch. I can offer advice on what you should be teaching your child to cover all criteria set out in the National Curriculum and assessment objectives set out in each GCSE exam specification.

Key Areas of Learning

Pear Wasp English Tutoring is devoted to excellence in teaching English and developing students of all ages in the global standards of the English discipline.


I would highly recommend Pear Wasp English Tutoring. My son has been getting help with his English now for a few weeks and the difference has been astonishing. I went to his parents evening a few months ago and they all said he struggles to get things down on paper. Recently, I went back to his parents evening all the teachers said they cannot believe the difference in his work and confidence. I cannot thank pear wasp enough. So if your child is struggling I would not hesitate to contact pear wasp for help as she has helped my son not just in English but all his subjects.

Di Cambridge, Hartlepool