Why is reading is important

»Why is reading is important

Why is reading is important

Why is reading important…and how did I create Pearwasp from reading with my son?


As an English teacher, I often get asked “why do I need to read that when I can just watch
the movie?” I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that phrase! My teacher
responses include: It makes you more knowledgeable; it increases your vocabulary choices;
it improves your memory; it improves your writing skills; it gives you mental stimulation; it
improves your focus and concentration…the list could go on and on! But, what happens
when your OWN children won’t buy into the benefits and point-blank refuse to read? “We
need to just find a genre that you enjoy” I heard myself saying that, countless times, to my
second youngest son. Horrid Henry, Beast Quest, The Diary of a wimpy kid, War Horse,
James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Gangsta Granny, The world’s worst children, Who let
the Gods out. The number of books we started to read at bed time was ridiculous! I don’t
like James; that’s not funny; that’s too serious! What do you do? I never had this problem
with my Daughter- she LOVED reading! Give her the Hunger Games or The twilight saga
and she would be lost for days. My eldest son would be lost too in Beast Quest, The Hobbit
or any fantasy story. Why was Fenn so different? I used to worry so much because Fenn
was also a 31 st of August baby, and was effectively, a year below his peers. His handwriting
was terrible; his vocabulary wasn’t great and his reluctance to read caused me sleepless
nights! Parents’ evenings were attended with dread- because not only was he reluctant to
work; he saw school as a social opportunity. This was an opportunity for him to meet up
with his friends and have a good chat about what he had done over the weekend! How can
children, from the same parents, be so different?! Something had to change: I agreed to
Fenn being taken out of class and taught in a small group setting- and he came on leaps and
bounds, but that didn’t change his attitude to reading. Pearwasp was born on the 17 th of
July 2018, and it was a real lightbulb moment! Why do we have to read an actual book
when we can make it up? He can still get mental stimulation; become more knowledgeable
and improve his memory if we make HIM the main protagonist of our stories. The
Adventures of Nefeel Pearwasp was created (a mix up of his first and middle names along
with a play on words with his surname). It was sport’s day when we made up the first story-
so we had him as a cheerleader… the sounds of his laughter made me shed a tear, he
absolutely loved the chant, two, four six, eight being a cheerleader is really great! He could
imagine himself in that situation and how embarrassed he would be, holding his pompoms
close to his chest! That was a lovely moment for me, as a mother, we had cracked it! I
always listen and talk about his day so we can incorporate a story at bedtime and just mix it
up a bit! We will get there, with the reading, but at the minute, I will adapt what he tells me
to suit him and we will deal with everything else as I see fit. Not every shoe fits all!




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